Pelvic Floor Workshop

November 11-12





Pelvic Floor Work (16.0 NCBTMB CEUs)- The pelvic floor is a territory rarely taught in any detail to Massage Therapists. In this workshop, you’ll learn a wide variety of techniques to help you access the pelvic floor within your scope of practice as an LMT or CMT. 
You’ll learn how to address the pelvic floor with specificity and confidence using breath work, manual therapy techniques, visceral work, and movement. These techniques will help you safely and effectively access some of the major pelvic floor territories including levator ani, obturator internus, coccygeus, bladder, pubic symphysis, prostate, coccyx, and more!

When I first became familiar with working in this area, I quickly realized it to have been somewhat of a missing link in my practice over the years. I’ve used the techniques taught in this course to help my clients recover from injuries, to address postnatal issues, and to help with incontinence. Note: All work demonstrated in this workshop is done externally and clothed. 

Medical Massage with Marty Morales, November 11th – 12th – Pelvic Floor Issues


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November 11-12”

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