Jim Gilkeson - Unwinding

Jim Gilkeson - Unwinding

April 22, 23rd, 16 CU's, 9am-6pm

Unwinding is a companion course for Touch, Presence and Healing. While this course can be taken by itself, it is recommended as a follow-up to Touch, Presence and Healing. In this class, I present an energy-based look at trauma and several safe, non-forcing manual and energetic release techniques.

This class takes the gentle hands-on skills you have learned in Cranial Sacral Balancing I or Energy-Active Cranial Sacral and applies them to work with regions of the body that hold stress and injury. This is useful, for example, in working with the kinds of musculoskeletal injuries you will encounter frequently as a massage therapist. We work in a non-forcing way with the body's natural intelligence and self-correcting mechanisms. Major topics of the workshop are: unwinding legs and feet, arms and hands, head and neck; releasing held energy from the body; understanding the potential for working with trauma.

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$295.00 2 day workshop

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