Morales Method® THORACIC SPINE and RIBS (Feb 26th Only) 8 CEUs

Morales Method® of Manual Therapy and Body Conditioning

Take a deep dive into the mechanics of the thoracic spine and ribs, a rarely taught topic for manual therapists! 

Students will learn techniques to help them understand and apply these mechanics in order to bring about greater functionality in the thoracic spine and ribs of their clients. We will discuss how to work with rotated thoracic vertebra, inhalation and exhalation fixed ribs, and the soft tissues involved in breathing. By working with movement, breath, and the right knowledge students can become a master at working with clients who may be recovering from injuries to the ribs, a respiratory illness, dealing with a lack of mobility, and much more. At the end of this course, students will know how to utilize manual therapy techniques to work thoracic spine and ribs with confidence!

$165.00 One-Day

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