Ortho-Bionomy® Releases for the Upper Extremities (Phase 4 training)

Ortho-Bionomy® Releases for the Upper Extremities (Phase 4 training)

July 8-9th, 9am-6pm, 16 CE's

with Melissa Malm, BCTMB

Most people have pain and discomfort in their upper extremities from their work. This class will give you the techniques and tools that can help release those pain patterns while keeping your own hands and wrists comfortable. Ortho-Bionomy uses osteopathic-based, painless, and gentle body positions. This method is specific and structure oriented. The techniques of this class can alleviate tension patterns of the shoulders, elbows, scapula, clavicles, wrists, and hands within 10-30 seconds.

This class fulfills a requirement for the Society of Ortho-Bionomy International’s Associate and Practitioner training programs. It is NCBTMB approved.

Ortho-Bionomy® is a registered trademark of the Society of Ortho-Bionomy International, Inc. and is used with permission.

About Me:

In 1997, I got the inspiration to go to massage school and have loved bodywork ever since. There is always more to learn and explore about the human body’s function and capacity. I find deep fulfillment in nurturing and supporting people, especially people experiencing pain.

In 2007, shortly after the birth of my child, I discovered the gentle but powerful techniques of Ortho-Bionomy. It mirrored my commitment to kindness and gentle intervention in parenting. I celebrated finding this path full of ease that flows with natural patterns rather than direct manipulation struggling against what is present.

My Training:

Registered Instructor

& Advanced Practitioner

Society of Ortho-Bionomy International®(SOBI)

Registered October 2016

Over 1,500 hours of classroom training and mentoring, with membership acceptance as:

Associate Member (October 2012);

Practitioner Member (January 2015);

Advanced Practitioner Member (October 2016);

Instructor Member (April 2020).

Advanced Acupressure Program

Acupressure Institute, Berkeley, CA

Certified 2004

850 hours of training in acupressure, Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, and Tui Na massage, with special focus on teacher training.

CranioSacral Therapist

Upledger Institute

2000- 2008

Over 200 hours of classroom and hands-on training in CranioSacral techniques including

oral, pre-natal, and pediatric work.

Graduated November 1998

720 hours of classroom, supervised clinic, and internship in bodywork, anatomy, business practices, and ethics.

Licensed Massage Therapist

Oregon license # 17972

NCBTMB Approved Continuing Education Provider #1000511

$330.00 2 day workshop

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