Understanding & Transforming Chronic Pain with Arnold Askew

Understanding & Transforming Chronic Pain with Arnold Askew

June 17, 18th, 14 CE Hours NCBTMB Approved # 1000676

This course will change the way that you work with your clients with chronic pain

In this course you will look at the latest scientific research into chronic pain and the clinical therapies that are being proven effective. 

You will also see how this research has led to identifying other “unrelated” types of chronic pain. 

This differentiation allows us, for the first time, to break the term “chronic pain” into sub-sets which can be studied in more detail. It also gives us the ability to observe what type of chronic pain responds best to what kind of therapy.

With these new classifications you will begin building a working model for identifying and treating the complexities that chronic pain presents. 

You will particularly look at the proven role Somatic Education plays in changing patterns of dysfunction.

Specifically, we’ll use awareness-based touch and movement to awaken proprioceptive centers stimulating new neurological activity. 

This is very much a hands-on class. 

Emphasis will be placed on the joints of the spine, ribs, and pelvis as the foundational structures of mobility, balance, and health. We will explore how to palpate and assess the relative health of these complex joints. We will look at how the curves and spirals of the spine affect each other and what areas of dysfunction feel like. Strategies will be explored that encourage easier, less encumbered movement throughout the length of the spine.

A variety of injuries, pathologies, and conditions (especially of the spine, ribs, and pelvis) will also be addressed. 

Lastly, we will look at how to bring our clients into a healthier relationship with their own healing. In this way we can help clients become more secure and autonomous in their own recovery and living with whatever conditions may be a part of their lives.

**Please wear clothing that doesn’t restrict movement. We will be clothed for the entire class.

**Also bring a mat or blanket for explorations in experiential anatomy to be done on the floor.

About Me:

Arnold Askew has more than 30 years in bodywork and movement education.  He was on staff at the Doleys Pain Clinic in Birmingham, Alabama for 17 years teaching classes in movement awareness and seeing patients individually.  He was also co-founder of Red Mountain Institute for the Healing Arts where he taught neuromuscular therapy and somatic education to massage therapists.  Arnold has extensive training in both manual and movement therapies.  The emphasis of his work is helping people experience a positive shift in their lives such that they continue a journey of self improvement.  It is his strong belief that there is always room to be healthier, even during chaotic and stressful times.  Currently, Arnold has a private practice in Tuscaloosa, Alabama where he works with a variety of clients helping them find their maximum level of function, flexibility, and comfort.  Otherwise, you’ll find him building furniture, unicycling or gardening with his wife Mary and their dog Lula.


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