Til Luchau

Til Luchau

Til Luchau

Til Luchau is a lead instructor and the Director of Advanced-Trainings.com. With a diverse background that includes manual therapy, somatic psychology, transformative education, as well as organizational and leadership development, Til's ability to connect interdisciplinary, big-picture ideas to practical, real-world applications has made his talks, trainings, and events popular worldwide.

As a Certified Advanced Rolfer™, Til was on the faculty of the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute® for 20 years, where he served as Coordinator and Faculty Chair of the Foundations of Rolfing Structural Integration program, and where in the early 1990's he originated Skillful Touch Bodywork (the Rolf Institute's training and practice modality). The author of the Advanced Myofascial Techniques textbook series (which has been translated into 6 languages), his regular Myofascial Techniques andSomatic Edge columns have been featured in Massage & Bodywork magazine since 2009. Additionally, his articles have been published in numerous magazines and peer-reviewed professional journals in Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Poland, the UK, and the USA.

Formerly a resident practitioner at the Esalen Institute, Chair of the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute®'s Teacher Training Committee, and Adjunct Faculty member of Naropa University's Somatic Psychology Department, he has trained thousands of practitioners in his popular courses at schools and centers in over twenty countries spread across six continents. A 2015 inductee into the Massage Therapy Hall of Fame, and in 2018 named Massage Magazine's "first Massage All-Star" Til is the co-host (along with Whitney Lowe) of The Thinking Practitioner Podcast. His private practice is based in the Boulder, Colorado area, and includes manual therapy, as well as online consulting and coaching related to personal well-being, business development, and professional supervision with practitioners and teachers from around the world. 

Since 1985, over 8,000 professionals have trained in the Advanced Myofascial Techniques series. They live and practice in 51 US states and territories, in more than 20 countries, and on all 7 continents.

This series of brief, modular, state-of-the-art trainings presents a comprehensive system for working with the body in its entirety, encompassing over 30 session sequences and more than 250 techniques, tests, and procedures. Drawing from a wide range of disciplines, the focus is on unusual, interesting, and fresh approaches that will increase effectiveness, expand technique repertoire, and inspire creativity and innovation.

Designed for manual and movement therapy practitioners (including physical therapists and physios, PTAs, osteopaths, massage therapists, occupational therapists, Rolfers and SI practitioners, bodyworkers, chiropractors, naturopaths, acupuncturists, movement teachers and movement therapists, etc.), practitioners of all levels will gain valuable tools and perspectives they can immediately put to clinical use. 

Training topics include:

• Specific techniques for commonly encountered complaints
• Relieving pain, restoring lost function, and getting lasting results
• Utilizing both active and passive movement to enhance effectiveness
• Precision in working with specific tissue types and body layers
• Combining indirect or subtle work with deep or direct work
• Ways to work sensitively, safely, and comfortably at all levels of depth.

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